San Diego Chargers Stadium!

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The Jack Murphy Sports Complex

The Chargers and Padres (as well as the other San Diego university, college, and high school sports teams) have always been part of the "common community ground" that we have all shared together in San Diego. Most of us, when we get together, begin with our common enjoyment of our teams, "breaking the ice" with our takes on the Chargers, Padres, Aztecs, and other favorite teams, and then we get on with the rest of our stories about other things we have to do (work, family, projects, neighborhood, etc., whatever it may be).

The Chargers have NOT changed. Football has NOT changed. The enjoyment and community camaraderie we get has NOT changed. The many common community and business and personal benefits we get have NOT changed. BUT the economics football has changed And if we want to keep the Chargers, we have to adjust to the new reality that professional sports is now both big business and big entertainment.

Our Solution

We at are answering the Mayor's call for creative solutions to the Chargers issue: keeping them in San Diego and doing so with a stadium solution that satisfies both the team and the City without requiring new tax dollars.

The Padres successfully opened their own new stadium. What about the Chargers? We at believe an answer satisfactory to all is possible. There are two approaches: (1) build a new stadium or (2) renovate further Qualcomm Stadium at Jack Murphy Sports Complex, formerly the San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium.

We at believe that by working together, we can develop a new financial model which will satisfy the owners who need to make a profit, the taxpayers who don't want to subsidize millionaires with new tax dollars, the small businesses and others who profit from the games, and, of course the fans for whom the Chargers have long been a cherished part of their lives. We are inviting all the key players in the debate both for and against a new stadium to join with us in working to put our heads together to create a new financial paradigm that works for San Diego and in turn works for the Chargers. When it does all of that, it will also work for the fans.

Located in the heart of San Diego in Mission Valley, Qualcomm Stadium is centrally located and easily accessible. The Stadium can be reached by any one of four freeways: the 805, 163, 15 and 8. And the San Diego Trolley runs between the Stadium and Old Town. The stadium is for the ages: it received the First Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects. There are over 19,000 parking spaces, as well as bus service to and from the Stadium, a Trolley that runs between the Stadium and Old Town. It has seven different entrances into the Stadium, that ensure that convenience is added to every visit.

Moreover, it can still be a happy public-private partnership, just as the one which developed Qualcomm Stadium at Jack Murphy Sports Complex, formerly the San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium. We can develop a workable model for the Chargers, either for a new stadium or to renovate Qualcomm Stadium, without having to raise any new taxes.

Our Proposal

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Artist rendering of the new San Diego Chargers stadium complex
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Mission Valley
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Mixed-use development concept